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For operating instructions, please see our Users Manual in the Downloads section.

Citing MAVEN
Coming Soon...
MAVEN is being submitted for peer review. Pending the result, this section will be updated.
Please credit Michael T. Zimmermann and Dr. Robert L. Jernigan at Iowa State University.

Installation Instructions

All packages contain an MCR installer, MAVEN, documentation, and examples. For specific questions about operation, please consult the User's Manual. For operating system specific questions, please consult readme.txt in the Documentation directory of your MAVEN download.

All distributions need to be unzipped.

*On Windows, installation of both the MCR and MAVEN should consist of executing the self-extracting files after downloading the MAVEN distribution and unzipping it.

*For Mac, (1) install the MCR by executing the MCRInstaller.dmg image.
   (2)Run the included shell script from a terminal, pointing to the MCR: ./ ‹mcr_directory›

*In Linux, (1) install the MCR by executing the MCRInstaller.bin binary file.
   (2) Run the included shell script from a terminal, pointing to the MCR: ./ ‹mcr_directory›

All distributions include a file "Documentation/README.txt" which will address operating specific quesitons as well as how to compile MAVEN from source code.

Video Tutorials

**These were made using an older version of MAVEN. The interface has changed and new features have been added, but the use of each feature described in these tutorials has not changed.

Molecular Viewers
Academic users should be able to apply for a free copy of the current PyMOL build.
For academic users, VMD is freely available.
For academic users, Chimera is freely available.
*MAVEN uses PDB files for all structure and animation output. Thus, any viewer can, in principle, be used. PyMOL has been most thuroughly tested and used with MAVEN. For examples of using other viewers, please see the configuration files listed here.

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